Tours & Travel
Many travel agents and tour operators worldwide use our services and ultimately benefit from our knowledge and professional approach.

We work in conjunction with the travel industry on a business-to-business level to help our colleagues in travel agencies get optimum satisfaction for their clients.

Therefore – if you have individual travellers or groups who need a custom made tour of Germany or other European countries – please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will always offer you tour-rates on a net-basis so that you can calculate the sales price.

Incentive Tours & Events
travel ways is a full service tour company and also an event & incentive agency. For the past six years, we have served both the tourism market and the corporate market.
To our clients in the corporate market we offer:

  • Team building programs
  • Conventions from 10 – 400 participants
  • Incentive tours to all European destinations
  • Locations for business meetings
  • Presentations of newly launched products

travel ways service begins with the initial strategy meeting to determine the clients needs. Then exciting locations are selected. Accommodations and ground transportation are organized. Before each event we take our client on a pre-tour where all selections are finalized by the client.
Our success is not only based on the skills and knowledge of our staff which is headquartered in Germany. Over the years we have built a network of partner agencies and freelancers all over Europe. All of them are linked with travel ways. Wherever you might want to go in Europe, travel ways is there already.
This is why marketing directors and CEOs rely on us for their travel needs.
As a tour company for groups and individuals, we are different from the big tour companies. Apart from a small series of set tours we encourage our clients to work with us to create their very own “custom” tour.
To us – creating these “custom” tours is a means of fulfilling dreams of visitors – from travelling alone on a genealogy tour to travelling with a group of history professors looking for medieval castles.
travel ways invites smaller groups (up to five) to travel in a luxurious van. Larger groups travel in luxurious coaches or by train or by air if required.
Are you interested in knowing more about our services?
Self Drive Tours

Germany – Austria – Italy – France – so much to explore –

Experience European countries in a unique way – Selfdrive Tours.

  • Why take a tour that does not meet all your expectations?
  • Why not have a selfdrive tour tailor made just for you?

Send us an e-mail describing your interests. Be specific regarding the cities/areas you wish to visit, your preference for accommodations and meals, the length of your stay, the number of people travelling in your party and any special needs you or your group may have.

We will then create your personal selfdrive tour that meets all your expectations.
We work out an itinerary for you, find the best rental car deal, reserve all your accommodation and supply you with tour information about sights, restaurants, etc.
When problems occur – simply phone our hotline. Travel independently but with the “backup” of the travel ways headquarter.

Don’t hesitate – request your selfdrive tour by e-mail now.
Custom Tours

What sets us apart from other travel companies?

Our philosophy

Unlike other companies we do not have a catalogue consisting of a series of “set” tours that are repeated every few weeks throughout the travel season. Our catalogue contains only two “general” tours. The description we provide of these tours is to be used only as a guideline for us to help our clients create their very own “custom” tour. To us – creating these “custom” tours is a means of fulfilling dreams of visitors who have put their trust in us; from travelling alone on a genealogy tour to travelling with a group of history professors looking for medieval castles.
We are Germans. We live and work in Germany. We love our country and know it well. And, we love to share our knowledge and experience with our clients.

Our clients

For smaller groups (up to five) we travel in a luxurious van. This is a very comfortable, relaxing and casual way to explore Germany. Larger groups travel in luxury coaches. The size of the coach depends upon the number of people in the tour.
 Examples of some of our recent “custom” tours are:

  • Members of a German Club from Texas going to Oktoberfest in Munich
  • Beer brewers from South Africa visiting Bavarian breweries
  • Boys choir from London travelling to Leipzig to perform with the famous Thomaner Choire
  • Lutheran reverends on a religious tour to Wittenberg, Wartburg
  • Castle and places where Martin Luther lived and worked
  • Bridge club on a Christmas shopping tour to Munich and Rothenburg

For you and your group we will also design something special, whether your interests lie in history, castle, farming, religion, shopping, etc.

Apart from business with individuals and groups, we have the pleasure of working with travel agents and tour companies from all over the world. Since all of us at travel ways have started our careers in travel agencies, we know and understand the needs of people in the travel industry.
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