Raphaela Vieth

Raphaela started her career as a trainee in a travel agency. A short five years later she was the sales & marketing manager for a corporation of 120 travel agencies. Deciding to work independently, she founded travel ways. She is an expert in negotiating the best rates with hotels as well as juggling several tours simultaneously. Clients thoroughly enjoy the relaxed atmosphere she creates. In the office they call her “the brain”, because she never forgets a single detail.

Volker Vieth

After having been manager and owner of a full service travel agency for twenty years, Volker was ready for a change. He took to the road and worked for a large American tour operation as tour director conducting tours all over Europe. Today he is travel ways leading tour director. His responsibilities include selecting appropriate coaches, tour directors, local guides and excursions. Volker spends more time on the road than at home. One of his friends once said “he needs no home, he lives on a coach.”